Trailing stop-loss protects your positions (English)

1Click Trading System is a platform and app that emits trading signals that you can execute by clicking a button inside the app.

To protect your trades, the app not only provides signals but also a trailing stop-loss feature if the price drops. Trailing stop loss makes it very easy to make profits under good conditions and protects you in case of a market downturn.

Explanations :

When you click on a signal, a buy order is set with a trailing stop loss. The latter is usually 10 to 15% lower than the entry price.

In the example below, the green dot represents our entry price for the transaction, and then the system automatically sets up a trailing stop loss order for you. This is the red dot. Every time you make a profit, your loss limit increases simultaneously.

As you trade, the stop loss is automatically reset.

The artificial intelligence software is programmed to find only the best trading opportunities, but you will never win 100% of the trades.

So, in this example, the price initially increases and our stop loss order increases with the price. But at some point the price drops, which triggers our stop loss order and the position is sold and closed.

This feature allows you to take full advantage of rising prices and can protect you from large losses. In most cases, it limits losses to small amounts.

Another example: suppose you take 5 winning trades in a row and you have a profit of 0.8 BTC and suppose your stop loss has increased to 0.7 BTC.

In this scenario, let’s say the market collapses. The software will sell your positions and allow you to exit with a profit of 0.7 BTC. You can then pause and wait for the market to recover.

I like this feature!

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