Affiliate Compensation Plan (English)

Affiliate Compensation Plan

Note: Before you can make referrals, you must enter and save your BTC wallet address so that we may send commissions immediately upon completed transactions. Your referral link will not work until you provide a BTC address to receive your commissions.

Every sale of a monthly subscription generates 10 different and immediate commissions. There is 1 Direct Commission, 8 Indirect Commissions and 1 Super Affiliate Commission. The only qualification is to have an active customer account with 1 Click Trading Company.
Direct Commissions
For each customer subscription that you self / refer, you immediately receive a commission known as a Direct
Commission. It is also paid upon subscription renewals each month.
Indirect Commissions
Subscriptions also pay out indirect commissions on generation 2 through 9 of customer referrals and monthly
Super Affiliate
There is another commission that is paid out to people that qualify. It is $7 given to the first Super Affiliate in the line of referral sponsorship. To be a Super Affiliate, you have to be the referrer of 5 active/current subscriptions. It is possible to receive a Super Affiliate Commission in addition to a Direct/Indirect Commission.

Generation Commission Direct (Personally Enrolled) $7

2 $7
3 $7
4 $7
5 $7
6 $7
7 $7
8 $7
9 $7

Super Affiliate Infinity Bonus (Any Generation) +$7

  1. ACTIVE: Having 1 or more current customer account.
  2. AFFILIATE: Any person that chooses to participate in the 1 Click Trading System Compensation Plan. They have agreed to abide by the 1 Click Trading System Terms and Conditions and Affiliate Agreement
  3. CUSTOMER Anyone that purchases a Subscription. We like to call ourselves Clickers.
  4. NETWORK / GENEALOGY: This is the series of relationships of Business Centers that determine the flow of commissions. Generation 1 through 9 are your regular commission pay zone although the Super Affiliate Commission is not restricted to any levels. The Super Affiliate commission always pays to the first Super Affiliate even if it is with the 9 levels or even beyond the 9 levels.
  5. PAY PERIOD: Commissions are calculated and paid daily. All of the sales that process today are paid out at 12:01am Eastern time tomorrow. Commissions are paid in Bitcoin. Be sure to add your cryptocurrency wallet to receive commissions.
  6. SPONSOR The referring person or agent that makes a sale of a subscription. Also known as the enroller.


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