1Click Trading System Review (English)


If you think crypto trading is difficult, think again!

If you think you're going to give your money to a company, think again!


Artificial intelligence in a trading app


This system, which uses new artificial intelligence software, has been under development for over 2 years and promises huge potential for the average cryptos enthusiast!

To start, you will trade from your smartphone using the signals sent by the app. When you click, a buy order is sent to your trading account, with a trailing stop-loss. You don't have to worry about anything anymore. The robot will manage the sale, at the right time. Either it will sell at a profit or it will activate the stop-loss to limit the loss. I've made a presentation article about the trailing stop-loss, you can find it here.


You keep control of your capital


1Click Trading System is also for you if you are tired of giving away your Bitcoins to a third party and expect them to make a profit for you.

1Click Trading System allows anyone to trade their cryptos while keeping them in their own trading account, which reduces the potential risks compared to programs that ask you to give up control and end up scamming.

In summary, 1Click Trading System is a platform and app that emits trading signals that you can execute by clicking a button inside the app. The bot will trade on your secure trading account and will not be able to make any withdrawals. So you keep 100% of your profits and always stay in control.


Are subscription fees a problem?


Yes, the subscription is $99 per month, or €90. But the affiliate plan is for those who want to self-finance themselves, or even make a commercial income.

All you have to do is be a bit entrepreneurial and adopt a marketing approach with your friends. You will have to interest them in crypto and trading. You can create a blog like this one and make videos.


The affiliate program: can we talk about an MLM?


Yes certainly. With 9 levels of sponsorship, we can talk here about a trading MLM. Not a ponzi scheme, since the software trades on your own funds. But the company devotes 70% of its income to network marketing and therefore to commissions for its active members, who promote the product.

So with $7 per active referral per month, this program is a great choice for affiliate marketers or anyone looking for a cheap business opportunity.

If you would like to join my TEAM, you can do so by clicking on the link below. I will send you a welcome email and help you if you need it by referring you to others if you wish.


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